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The Vanity Project is a self-titled album of twelve songs from Barenaked Ladies lead singer and co-founder, Steven Page. The album also spotlights Page's frequent co-writing partner and musical accomplice, Stephen Duffy (Tin Tin, The Lilac Time.) Eleven of the twelve songs are Page-Duffy compositions, and the twelfth (So. Cal) is written solely by Steven Page. While the distinctive lead vocals of Page can be heard on all twelve tracks, the music was performed by both Page and Duffy with occasional guest appearances from friends (BNL's Kevin Hearn) and family.


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Track list

  1. Hit & Run –4:11
  2. Wilted Rose –4:41
  3. These Wasted Words –4:11
  4. So. Cal –3:16
  5. That's All, That's All –3:42
  6. Everything's The Same –5:56
  7. Glitterbug –2:38
  8. Thank You For Sharing –4:43
  9. Baby Loves The Radio –2:55
  10. By The Roadside –3:57
  11. So Young, So Wrong, So Long –3:18
  12. Here Today & Yesterday –2:57