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Toronto-based independent label Pheromone Recordings kick-starts 2010 with the release of A Singer Must Die by Art of Time Ensemble with Steven Page. The release date of this CD is February 16, 2010 and will be followed by a 12-date tour starting February 24.
Art of Time Ensemble is the creation of classically trained pianist Andrew Burashko. Not content to rehash basic classical repertoire, Burashko and AOTE have become known for their daring interaction with the Toronto cultural scene. A Singer Must Die is the second in a series of recordings in which well-known artists ? in this case former Barenaked Ladies songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Steven Page ? choose repertoire which is arranged for a sextet of jazz and classical players and re-imagined in a bracing new recorded setting.
Steven Page?s song choices reflect his own intense interest in all kinds of music. The material ranges from songs by Canadians Leonard Cohen, Jane Siberry, Rufus Wainwright, The Weakerthans and Barenaked Ladies, to Radiohead and Elvis Costello and lesser-known but excellent artists like The Magnetic Fields, The Mountain Goats and The Divine Comedy.
A Singer Must Die is Steven?s first post-BNL release, preceding a solo album to be released later in 2010. Each of its 10 songs was arranged by the brightest talents in Toronto?s jazz and classical music fraternity and produced by Jonathan Goldsmith whose multi-decade musical resume is inspiring.


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Track List

  1. Lion's Teeth (The Mountain Goats) –3:56
  2. I Want You (Elvis Costello) –8:11
  3. Foolish Love (Rufus Wainwright) –4:53
  4. Running Out Of Ink (Barenaked Ladies) –4:11
  5. A Singer Must Die (Leonard Cohen) –4:20
  6. The Taxi Ride (Jane Siberry) –7:42
  7. Tonight We Fly (The Divine Comedy) –3:27
  8. Virtue The Cat Explains Her Departure (The Weakerthans) –3:59
  9. For We Are The King Of The Boudoir (The Magnetic Fields) –2:36
  10. Paranoid Android (Radiohead) –7:27